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Physical fitness isn't a one size fits all application that you can source from a miracle cure. And, although we're all fundamentally the same as humans, you will have unique factors to consider when beginning your fitness journey.

At Totem Fitness, we focus on the truth about what makes you a valuable asset to our team with strong knowledge in the fact that each individual will respond differently to physical training stimulus.

Whether that be due to experience levels, past injury history or common lifestyle factors, the professional team at Totem Fitness have the knowledge and experience to craft a physical fitness routine that will provide a lifetime of genuine results.

To unlock true potential and let your fitness soar, contact the team at Totem Fitness today for confidential advice and expert support.

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fundamental strength

Emerging with a toned body and burning more fat is easy with our fundamental strength training programs that are crammed with startling rewards..  

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high intensity interval training

With sensational fat burning opportunities and outstanding fitness with quick rewards, High Intensity Interval is a tried & tested method with powerful results.

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team training

Because of our innovative training design, you'll never be alone in your fitness journey. The result is unsurpassed fitness results in a friendly environment.

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flexibility & mobility

Achieve amazing flexibility and deliver your body this huge gift of tremendous mobility to move through your day with remarkable ease.   

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