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‘Repeat after me, YES I CAN’

Brendon Patrick - TOTEM fITNESS

It’s a simple mantra that we can live our lives by. It can also be the difference between success and failure.

How many times in your life have you looked at an obstacle, or someone else’s achievements, and said “there’s no way I could ever do that” without even making an attempt to prove yourself wrong?

This tiny little voice inside your head that’s saying you can’t, is the voice inside your head that, when faced with any sign of adversity, is the first to stand up and say “nup, we’re not doing that”. This voice is the negative representation of the Fixed Mindset.

We’re going to call your very ‘inner-critic’!


Learning to Silence Your Inner Critic

What’s the first thing you realize happens when you listen to this little ’inner critic’ and concede that you can’t.

Does the obstacle disappear?

No, whenever we side-step to avoid the challenge, spearing off in the complete opposite direction, the obstacle still remains right where we left it.

Working in a gym as a Personal Trainer, I see people face these obstacles every day. It (the obstacle) may represent itself in the form of a dumbbell or, in extreme cases, the front door as their inner critic talks themselves out of entering the gym all together.

Learning to silence your ‘inner-critic’ is all about having the self awareness to acknowledge these obstacles as only a mental block.

This moment of introspect allows us to reverse the conversation from saying “No I can’t” to “Yes I Can”. A Positive Mindset now provides you with the power to move forward and tackle your obstacles head on.

It’s as simple as that!


 The Lesson That Our Failures Are Trying to Teach Us

‘We learn from our failures, not our successes’

Although success is never guaranteed, we should never view any unsuccessful attempt or failure as the end of the road.

In any event, there is always a lesson to be learned if you’re willing to take a step back and assess your shortfalls. Use this reflection to create your own review process for discovering areas of improvement.

Use this review process wherever necessary to highlight any possible areas of improvement and develop it as a method for learning more about yourself.


Learning How to Accept Failure is Integral to Completing Your Journey

You don’t always have to be 100% successful all of the time and, as previously mentioned, failure is simply a critical learning point that can appear at any stage of your journey.

Noting that a dynamic mindset will draw motivation from this critical juncture, we need to acknowledge this as being a step forward, not back, in terms of our overall accomplishment.

Feelings of fear and trepidation will always present themselves at the beginning of any journey or action we take.


Start Doing What You Love and Prevent Fear from Obstructing You

If we’re prepared to acknowledge our fears that are obstructing your goals, it becomes possible for us to overcome these emotions.  This tactic now becomes empowering as our self awareness becomes a well tuned guide in forming our decision making process. 

Because success can only be achieved when your inner-critic is no longer dominant within your mindset, we need to continually raise our levels of self awareness.

Acknowledge your fears; adopt a positive “Yes I Can” attitude and move straight onto doing whatever it is you need to move closer towards your goals.

With this approach, you will fall; however, because your fears no longer control you, you will be able to get straight back up again and continue to move forward with ease.


Switching Over to a Positive Mindset

The transition from a Negative to a Positive Mindset doesn’t have to be difficult, as long as you’re committed to putting in some time, and effort, towards shifting your way of thinking from Fixed to Growth.

Here’s an easy self awareness exercise for you to begin with:


Recognize when your ‘inner-critic’ is doing all the talking when you’re faced with an obstacle.

Write down what is being said or take note of these negative thoughts in a diary. If you want to, you can even repeat these words out loud to yourself in front of a mirror.

When reviewing this negative conversation, ask yourself this question.

“Would I speak to my closest friends like this”? If the answer is no, then it’s probably not a healthy conversation with yourself.

Now that you have the responses.

Reverse this conversation by placing it into a positive context. E.g. replace the “No I can’t” with a “Yes I can”. When you notice negative mindless chatter appearing,  acknowledge the voice as being ‘wrong’ and simply replace it with the positive alternative.

The Negative Mind says:

“I can’t be bothered exercising today and there’s no point, I’ll never be skinny”

The Positive Mind says:

“Every little  bit of exercise counts and if I keep going, I WILL reach my goal weight”

Repeat this exercise during your daily gym visit for at least 12 weeks.

Over time, your dynamic mindset will adopt this positive response at every obstacle that presents itself!

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The Author - Brendon Patrick

As a highly dedicated and passionate coach, Head Trainer Brendon crafted his fitness skills and honed a resolute mindset during the 15 years he spent in the Australian Army. It was his own life experience as a soldier, and a leader, that shaped the Totem Fitness philosophy of 'Mind plus Body equals Strength.

Delivering on that philosophy, Brendon aims to guide Totem Fitness members on a journey which helps them realize that proper Health & Fitness is more about lifestyle choices and not fad diets, or gimmicky fitness routines.


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