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We’re a professional team of former Australian Defence Force members who are highly passionate about providing a positive influence to our local Family Community through the journey of Health & Fitness!

Our Mission

Our Mission is to simply unite the local Community on the common path to Health & Fitness through structured fitness training and team training principles.


Our aim is to achieve optimal Health & Fitness through a holistic approach that incorporates the three pillars, Strength, Nutrition and Mindset in a small team training environment. It is this combination that we believe, amplifies all Health & Fitness training efforts.

Our Values

At Totem Fitness, our values are the life-blood of our community, and we believe that every member of this community will ultimately benefit from the strong set of the following core values:

Teamwork – If many hands make light work, then it’s of little surprise that a group can achieve so much more than an individual can do alone, even when it comes to individual advancements.

Friendship & Loyalty – Trust is what’s at the heart of every relationship, and that’s exactly what you’ll find at Totem Fitness because this is what keeps the team strong and striving towards their goals.

Honesty – Being honest with yourself first and foremost. Because Health & Fitness doesn’t appear overnight, it takes months of honest efforts and respecting your body to achieve amazing results.

Consistency – Repetitive daily activities is what forms a habit and, in the case of Health & Fitness, a habit is what creates amazingly healthy bodies. The Totem Fitness way doesn’t require the sacrifice of countless hours like an Olympic athlete, but it does mean taking a small part out of each day to focus on your physical health.

Effort – Just as no effort ever goes unrewarded, we only get out what we put into our health & fitness. In your pursuit of an amazingly healthy body, you will learn many things, but only your best efforts will teach that you’re more capable than you imagined and the rewards will quickly follow.

Our Training Philosophy

We’re quite a philosophical bunch a Totem Fitness, and our three pillars of Strength, Nutrition & Mindset are definitely a reflection of that.

Each pillar that makes up the Totem Fitness training philosophy is mutually supportive, and reaching our best versions of ourselves requires integrating each of the three pillars into our daily training efforts.

Our Coaches

Brendon Patrick - As a highly dedicated and passionate coach,
Head Trainer Brendon crafted his fitness skills and honed a resolute
mindset during the 15 years he spent in the Australian Army.

"The power of Totem Fitness’ training can readily be found in the dynamic
of our unique team training environment because we work together, as a
united team, in order to achieve the maximum potential out of each and
every one of our members"  

- Head Coach,  Brendon Patrick

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